In junior high and high school, I had trust issues with guidance counselors, which, fairly or not, transferred to college advisors. I feel comfortable talking to her in a way that I never have with any other advisor or counselor, or even with friends or family. – College Sophomore


Lynn has been an excellent resource for me. She knows I have been struggling and has shown me multiple ways to succeed. Around her I feel at ease and confident. I do not feel as though she is judging me in any way. It is easy to see she is on my side and is there to support me. She has never given ultimatums or anything like that. She is very open about telling me what needs to be done, but does it in a way which allows me to analyze my own behavior and make decisions that will ultimately help me. Overall, I would say she has been my best resource on campus thus far. – First semester freshman


Lynn helped me make my class decisions by asking me open ended questions about what I want to do with my life. She listened to actually what I had to say and made sure that I was making the correct decisions for my life path. – College Freshman, Undeclared Major


She listens to me when I tell her what my goals are and what I am interested in, then provides support and suggestions to help guide me to a decision. I feel like I have a direction and someone there to support me if I would have a change of heart or needed some help. I don't feel shy asking her for advice because of how she presents herself in an unbiased way. – College Sophomore, Social Work Major


Lynn directed me exactly where I needed to go to get concrete information about the career I am interested in. – College Senior, Business Major


With her guidance, I came to find my own educational path that fits my interests, skills, and values wonderfully. Throughout the rest of my academic career, I have relied on Lynn for advise and support that I know I can always count on as I move past my undergraduate career. – Senior, Political Science Major


One of Lynn's strengths is her communication skills. She consistently keeps updated on a variety of issues. Her open door policy creates a non-barrier style of leadership. When giving information sessions to students and parents, she goes beyond the content on a slide by providing concrete examples. Her sense of humor is contagious. – Academic Advisor


Lynn has been described as high energy, efficient, organized, and collaborative; a multi-tasker, a change agent, a force. She can quickly assess a situation to identify both the problem and several possible solutions. She is constantly seeking ways to improve herself, her students, her staff, the campus, the advising profession, and higher education in general. – Advising Colleague in an award nomination statement