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Lynn Freeman founded AdviseU in 2010 to help high school and college students explore, learn, decide and achieve their college and career goals. As an academic and career advisor and instructor for more than 20 years, Lynn knows that exploration, planning and good decision making are critical for college and early career success.


AdviseU will be the leading college and career planning firm in Southern Wisconsin, providing high quality and affordable academic and career planning and counseling.


AdviseU will provide clients a blue print for successful academic and career planning and decision-making.


AdviseU core values include:

Picture of Lynn Freeman accepting awardLynn’s Background

Lynn Freeman has a doctorate in higher education administration and is a Career Development Facilitator (CDF). As an advisor, Lynn has helped thousands of students choose a college major and a career path.

Her theoretical, practical and professional background make her highly qualified to provide personalized academic and career exploration and teach decision making and exploration skills to high school students and their parents.

Lynn’s familiarity with career decision making models, online assessment tools and how higher education career and academic advising services work position her to educate her clients and their families and provide them the tools for academic and career success before they enter college.

In addition, Lynn has served in national and state level leadership roles, and has won awards at the campus and state level for service to students, teaching and leadership in her profession. In 2004, the Oshkosh Student Association at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh awarded Lynn the Presidential Award for Student Impact. In 2010, the State of Wisconsin Board of Regents selected her for the prestigious Academic Staff Excellence Award, for ‘providing essential service to the university while demonstrating excellence of performance, personal interaction, initiative and creativity, and outstanding achievement.’ (2010 Board of Regents’ Guidelines for Academic Staff Excellence Award).